Mulatu of Asheville

Global pandemic aside, 2020 has been a hell of a year. To add to the craziness, the new hobbies, the personal growth ventures and goals, and the challenges, I decided to adopt a cat! Meet Mulatu. He found me at a “cat cafe” in Brevard, NC. I named him after an Ethiojazz artist I’m really fond of. His name means “complete” or “full”, and like Mulatu Astatke, kitty Mulatu jumped around quite a bit before finding where he needs to be. Welcome home, Mulatu.

Enjoy the cute kitty pics! 🙂

Canton, NC

Tootling around Canton, NC, which is known for its smelly old paper mill. Here are some photos of the paper mill behind Blue Ridge Southern Railroad tracks. Since we can’t travel right now, I’m having a lot of fun going to different parts of WNC. There is definitely something charming about these crumbly old towns.