Garden Critters and Blooms

Flying Cloud Farm is only 6 miles from my apartment. They have community UPick flower fields, so I find myself there with my macro lens pretty often.

Here are some shots of my garden from earlier in the week. The tomatoes in the front bed are about two feet taller than I am right now and I think collectively they threaten to bring down the stakes. Next year I’ll opt for metal instead of wood.

My first dahlia bloomed! (!!!!!!!!)

Ammi and zinnias.

Not pictured below: the squash and the cucumbers that won’t stop growing.

Pictured below: very tasty pickles.

Garden critters – including a monarch caterpillar! There are at least 5 of them nestled in the milkweed and we’re all really excited about watching them pupate.

Garden Project – update

The beds are set up and all of the planting happened over the weekend! We have ten different tomato plants (at least), basil, eight different pepper plants (at least), zinnias, russian sage, marigolds, english thyme, eggplant, celery, cucumber, three different kinds of squash, a cantaloupe, nasturtium, milk weed, chives, green onion, snapdragons, and probably more that I’m leaving out.

Trellis(es) will go up in the next week or so.

Garden Project

Early in the spring I started a container garden outside my front door.

Here are early photos from the first week of May:

Here are photos from last week, after a few days of rain. I have a few pot tomatoes (not sure these will be successful), marigolds, flossflower, mint, oregano, lemon balm, cleome, nicotiana, straw flower, sweet william, catnip, chamomile, and anise hyssop.

From seed, I planted larkspur, alyssum, and poppies. I don’t know if the poppies will actually bloom because I planted them a bit late. They’ve sprouted and we’ll see what happens.

In addition to the container garden, I have a raised bed that I’ll fill with compost/soil this coming weekend. It’s a collaboration project with my sweet neighbor, and between the two of us, we’re wayyyyyyy excited about it.

We plan on using cattle panel to make tomato cages, as well as trellises for the cukes, squashes, melons, etc.

I have a few different tomatoes growing outside my back porch (mostly bush tomatoes) because you can never have enough tomatoes and I want to live on gazpacho this summer. I also planted 5 or 6 different flowers in that bed a few days ago. Mostly cottage garden varieties. Hopefully they make it! I planted 13 different dahlia tubers 2 weeks ago, and I’m really anxious to see if they make it. They *should* break through the soil in the next week or two.

If you’ve read this far and have any tips for a beginner gardener, please pass them along. : )