Mulatu in rainbows

My best friend gave me a sweet window crystal that I put in my bedroom to cast rainbows everywhere. Found kitty Mulatu sitting in one a few days ago. He’s so gorgeous and sweet. He’s adjusting so well and if he isn’t screaming for love he’s sitting at the window watching birds in the feeders. Love him.

So handsome. So refined.
To close, a sweet blep


The last few Decembers have been tricky. Emotionally exhausting. Sad. Gloomy. Anxiety all the time. The gray December weather never helps. Right now I’m feeling pretty ready for the new year. A large part of my excitement stems from the three-week cross-country road trip I’m planning for May. It’ll cover fifteen states, a few major cities, a lot of small, forgotten, dusty towns, sunrises and sunsets in multiple deserts, canyons, and at least eleven amazing national parks, including Joshua Tree, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. And camping. And all of the hiking. Can’t wait to wander and document it here.

There are more exciting plans in the works, too. Anyway, here are some pictures from December. Looking forward to peace and adventures in 2021.

Newry Mill

An unexpected day off last week led to exploring an abandoned mill in South Carolina. I was alone, and it was too spooky to go inside, but hopefully I’ll go back soon on a sunny day to check out the inside.

Super-Takumar 50mm1.4

Played with my vintage Pentax 50mm 1.4 that came with a film camera. More on the film camera later. Much later.

I shot all of these wide open, so the images are a little blurry. Okay, they’re really blurry. When it warms up I’ll play around outside with this lens again, and hopefully I’ll get some sharper images after stopping down. I really like this lens. It’s easy to handle and it focuses so smoothly. I love the bokeh, and hopefully it’s just as dreamy at higher apertures.

Mulatu of Asheville

Global pandemic aside, 2020 has been a hell of a year. To add to the craziness, the new hobbies, the personal growth ventures and goals, and the challenges, I decided to adopt a cat! Meet Mulatu. He found me at a “cat cafe” in Brevard, NC. I named him after an Ethiojazz artist I’m really fond of. His name means “complete” or “full”, and like Mulatu Astatke, kitty Mulatu jumped around quite a bit before finding where he needs to be. Welcome home, Mulatu.

Enjoy the cute kitty pics! šŸ™‚